Warranty Information

Items sold by Microtech, Inc. are warranted as follows:

All Products Except Millimeter Flexible Waveguide Assemblies

Microtech, Inc. (Microtech) will correct, either by repair or replacement at Microtech’s option, any defect of material or workmanship which develops within one year (except Millimeter Flexible Waveguide) after delivery of the item to the original purchaser, provided that investigation and factory inspection by Microtech discloses that such defect developed under normal and proper use.   Millimeter Flexible Waveguide assemblies are warranted as follows:

Millimeter Flexible Waveguide Assemblies    (Above 40GHz  -  WR19 or smaller)

Similar to high frequency coax cables, Microtech millimeter flexible waveguide assemblies are fragile and must be afforded careful handling, no torsional stresses are allowed.  Assemblies are warranted to be free from workmanship and materials defects and to meet stated data sheet performance for a period of 90 days after receipt by the original customer.  Excluded from this warranty is any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or mishandling outside the data sheet recommendations.  Warranty claims are subject to factory analysis and may include analysis charges depending on findings.  Final judgement is Microtech’s and such finding is binding on all parties.

All items claimed defective must be returned to Microtech subject to the following: 

Products may not be returned without Microtech's permission in writing (entitled “Return Material Authorization (RMA). After receiving factory authorization, material requiring repair or replacement should be sent, transportation prepaid by the most economical means to the factory, accompanied by a purchase order or letter stating as completely as possible the defects and the condition under which the reported defects occurred. Debit memoranda will not be honored until after responsibility has been determined. If responsibility is determined to be Microtech's, the reasonable transportation costs will be credited to your account.

Microtech makes no warranty concerning components or accessories not manufactured by us. However, in the event of failure of such a part, Microtech will give reasonable assistance to the purchaser in obtaining from the manufacturer whatever adjustment is reasonable in light of the manufacture's own warranty. Microtech will not assume expense or liability for repairs made outside the factory by anyone, other than Microtech employees, without written consent. Microtech is not responsible for damage to any associated equipment, nor shall we be held liable for loss of profit or other special damages. There is no other guarantee, warranty, or liability, express or implied, except as herein stated.

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