The Microtech, Inc. staff is always available to answer any questions or comments you may have regarding the microwave component products and services we offer. If you would like speak directly to a member of the Microtech, Inc. staff, please contact us.

How does Microtech's Quality Management System rate?

Microtech, Inc. is a registered ISO 9001 / AS 9100 company. It has been granted the authority and license to use the NQA Registered Firm Symbol® and listed in the NQA Global Assurance "Listing of Registered Firms" as qualified by the NQA Management System Registration Program Agreement. This Registration is for the following scope: "Manufacture of Flexible and Rigid Waveguide Assemblies and Related Passive Microwave Components”. NQA Global Assurance an "ANAB Accredited" Registrar Certificate No. 14267. Microtech is a "Certified" supplier to many large prime contractors.

Can Microtech perform plating in-house?

Microtech has complete "in-house" plating capabilities including cadmium, aluminum chromate conversion (irridite), copper, gold, nickel, rhodium, silver and tin.

Does Microtech carry a warranty for the products it manufactures?

Microtech will correct, either by repair or replacement at our option, any defect of material or workmanship which develops within one year after delivery of the item to the original purchaser, provided that investigation and factory inspection by Microtech discloses that such defect developed under normal and proper use. See full warranty »

Where can I find more information about ordering from Microtech?

Click here to view examples of product orders.

Does Microtech accept credit card payments?

Yes, Microtech accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Do you have a question about Microtech or microwave components that are not answered here? Be sure to contact us with your questions or comments.

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