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All Microtech products are uniquely identified by their product numbers, which are generated by the waveguide’s type, size, twist, twist direction, finish, and flange options. Examples of our product identification system can be found below. For additional information, please download the Microtech Product Ordering Guide.

Example - Flexible Waveguide Assembly

MTPS 284 CH N 120BS is a straight WR284 Flexible/Twistable waveguide assembly with Brass silver-plated flex, choke to cover flange combination, with a molded neoprene jacket, 120 inches long with brass flanges, silver plated.

Example - Rigid Waveguide Assembly

MRHC 112 CH P 144A is a straight WR112 rigid waveguide assembly Aluminum with choke and cover flanges, painted, length of 144 inches, with Aluminum flanges.

Example - Rigid Waveguide Bend Assembly

Bends are specified by placing the degree of the bend and the plane (E or H) in the fourth grouping of letters. Leg symmetry is specified in the last grouping. For bend assemblies with uneven leg symmetry and flange combinations, flange type on each leg must be specified on the order.

MRCC 62 HC 90E 12 x 6B is a WR62 rigid waveguide bend assembly, OFHC copper, cover to choke flange combination, 90° E-plane bend with a leg symmetry of 12 inches center-line to flange face by 6" center-line to flange face, with brass flanges, chromate. Flange type on each leg shall be specified on order.

Example - Rigid Waveguide Twist

Twists are specified by placing the degree of twist, the letter "T", and the direction of the twist (C = clockwise, CC = counter-clockwise) in the fourth grouping of letters. Overall length is specified in the last grouping of letters.

MRFC 137 GG 45TC 6B is a straight WR137 rigid waveguide assembly, Commercial Bronze, CPRG flanges at both ends, 45° twist in the clockwise direction, 6" long, with Brass flanges and chromate finish.

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