Microtech's Facility

Microtech, Inc. has complete design, manufacturing and quality control capabilities under one roof. Check out our department photos below, or see all facets of our microwave component process by watching our virtual tour below.

Computer-Aided Design

Modern CAD equipment and software, Auto Cad 2007 and CREO 1 (3D solid modeling) are operated by engineers with the experience and expertise needed to create complex designs. A backup system files all designs for reference and updates as needed.

In-House Production

Microtech’s Seamless Flexible (MSB, MSD) and Flexible/Twistable Flexible/Non-Twistable MCKS are manufactured completely at our facility. We produce waveguide sizes from WR650 to WR22, and double ridged. We also produce millimeter sizes from WR22 to WR10.

CNC Machining

Using MASTERCAM X, precision machining responds to both small and large orders with superior products that fully satisfy customer requirements.

Waveguide Molding

A full rubber jacket vulcanizing department is among the largest and most complete in the industry, Microtech is able to mold waveguide assemblies of virtually any length.


Our dip-brazing pot and induction brazing are used for both aluminum and copper alloys as well as silver brazing for thin wall space qualified assemblies.


Microtech's complete in-house plating capabilities include silver, gold, nickel, copper, tin, cadmium, rhodium, and aluminum & brass conversions.

State-of-the-Art Measurement Technology

The nine-foot laser FARO “Edge” 7-axis measurement arm is the most advanced FaroArm available, allowing easy and accurate verification of product quality by inspecting tooling, CAD analysis and reverse engineering. FARO “Edge” takes portable metrology to the next level.

A vector network analyzer, the Agilent N5235A PNA, measures parameters, including VSWR, insertion loss, coupling and directivity from 10MHz to 50GHz. A -110 dB noise floor and 33,000 data point capacity offers signal sensitivity and data resolution, allowing the convenience and flexibility of digital data in a variety of formats.

1425 Highland Avenue
Cheshire, CT 06410 USA
Tel: 203.272.3234
Fax: 203.271.0352
ISO-9001 / AS-9100
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