Waveguide to Coax Adapters Double-Ridged

Microtech's Waveguide to Coax Adapters Double-Ridged are engineered, designed, and manufactured "in house".

Microtech, Inc. Waveguide to Coax Adapters are made from a precision extruded tubing with the end caps silver or dip brazed to give you a precise and durable unit for both lab and systems use over the full specified operating band, with a minimum VSWR and Insertion Loss. These units can be built to be pressure tight on request.

Typical Electrical Specifications

Size Frequency VSWR
Insertion Loss
WRD 180 18.00-40.00 GHz 1.60.75
WRD 750 7.50-18.00 GHz 1.25.50
WRD 650 6.50-18.00 GHz 1.25.50
WRD 580 5.80-16.00 GHz 1.35.35
WRD 475 4.75-11.00 GHz 1.25.35
WRD 350 3.50-8.20 GHz 1.25.30
WRD 200 2.00-4.80 GHz 1.25.30

Typical Mechanical Specifications

Size Frequency Connector *Flange Equiv.Material"A" Dimension
(Max. inches)
"B" Dimension
(Max. inches)
WRD 180 18.00-40.00 GHz 2.9mm/2.4mmCoverAluminum1.500.7
WRD 750 7.50-18.00 GHz SMACoverAluminum2.01.0
WRD 650 6.50-18.00 GHz SMACoverAluminum2.01.0
WRD 580 5.80-16.00 GHz SMA/N/TNCCoverAluminum2.01.5
WRD 475 4.75-11.00 GHz SMA/N/TNCCoverAluminum3.01.5
WRD 350 3.50-8.20 GHz SMA/N/TNCCoverAluminum5.02.0
WRD 200 2.00-4.80 GHz SMA/N/TNCCoverAluminum8.03.0

* Standard Waveguide to Coax Adapters are supplied with a female connector.



 -> Insertion Loss values are dependent on connector choice and “A” dimension.

-> "B" values are dependent on connector choice.

-> Other configurations and specifications available upon request. Adapters that conform to MIL-DTL-22641 are also available. Contact the factory with your requirements.

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