Terminations, High Power Double-Ridged

Microtech's Terminations, High Power Double-Ridged are engineered, designed, and manufactured "in house".

Microtech, Inc. High power fixed terminations are designed where a matched load is desired to terminate a waveguide transmission line in a dissipative, nonreflecting component. These units require no additional cooling at the rated power level. The fins can be mounted vertically on the unit for optimum convection cooling when the unit is mounted vertically.

Typical Electrical Specifications

Size Frequency VSWR
Avg. Power Handling
WRD 180 18.00-40.00 GHz 1.20300 *Higher Power Available Upon Request
WRD 750 7.50-18.00 GHz 1.10600 *Higher Power Available Upon Request
WRD 650 6.50-18.00 GHz 1.10600 *Higher Power Available Upon Request
WRD 580 5.80-16.00 GHz 1.10700 *Higher Power Available Upon Request
WRD 475 4.75-11.00 GHz 1.10800 *Higher Power Available Upon Request
WRD 350 3.50-8.20 GHz 1.071200 *Higher Power Available Upon Request
WRD 200 2.00-4.80 GHz 1.071500 *Higher Power Available Upon Request

Typical Mechanical Specifications

Size Frequency Flange Equiv.Material"A" Dimension
"B" Dimension
WRD 180 18.00-40.00 GHz CoverAluminum8.003.00
WRD 750 7.50-18.00 GHz CoverAluminum12.005.00
WRD 650 6.50-18.00 GHz CoverAluminum12.005.00
WRD 580 5.80-16.00 GHz CoverAluminum14.006.00
WRD 475 4.75-11.00 GHz CoverAluminum16.006.00
WRD 350 3.50-8.20 GHz CoverAluminum18.008.00
WRD 200 2.00-4.80 GHz CoverAluminum24.0010.00



-> Other configurations, specifications, and power ratings available upon request as well as a large variety of lower and higher-power loads available to MIL-D-3954. Contact the factory with your requirement.

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