Flexible Waveguide, Millimeter Seamless

Microtech's Flexible Waveguide, Millimeter Seamless are engineered, designed, and manufactured "in house".

Flex length is quoted with a +/- 1/8" per foot.

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Typical Electrical Specifications

Size Frequency Def 5351 Size WGVSWR
MSNS Seamless Electro-formed
Insertion Loss **
MSNS Seamless Electro-formed
Avg. Power HandlingPEAK Power in KilowattsFlanges
WR 10 75.00-110.00 GHz 271.150.25302.5Flanges
WR 12 60.00-90.00 GHz 261.120.20403.8Flanges
WR 15 50.00-75.00 GHz 251.100.11505.7Flanges
WR 19 40.00-60.00 GHz 241.100.086010Flanges
WR 22 33.00-50.00 GHz 231.100.057512Flanges
WR 28 26.50-40.00 GHz 221.100.0415020Flanges

** Insertion loss is dB per inch with silver plated waveguide.

Typical Mechanical Specifications

Size Frequency Def 5351 Size WGE Plane
Min. Centerline Bend Radius (degrees/inch)
H Plane
Min. Centerline Bend Radius (degrees/inch)
Maximum Pressure
per inch
WR 10 75.00-110.00 GHz 2710050200.05Flanges
WR 12 60.00-90.00 GHz 2610050200.05Flanges
WR 15 50.00-75.00 GHz 259045150.05Flanges
WR 19 40.00-60.00 GHz 247535120.02Flanges
WR 22 33.00-50.00 GHz 235030100.02Flanges
WR 28 26.50-40.00 GHz 224025100.02Flanges

- Electrical: Specifications shown are full band (frequency range). Lower values are attainable over narrower bandwidths.

- Jackets: Brush applied polysulfide rubber jackets per MIL-S-8802 are standard. Silicone rubber jackets per MIL-S-23586 available on special request.

- Flanges: Flanges are attached to the flexible waveguide in conformance with MIL-STD-1866 using solder per QQ-S-571.

EXAMPLE: Part No. MSNS10-500-(V)-2.25B is  cover flanges, polysulfide jacketed, and 2.25 inches long with brass flanges.

For additional frequencies, sizes, and types see "Rectangular Flexible Waveguide Specifications" Data Sheet.

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