Arc Detectors

Microtech's Arc Detectors are engineered, designed, and manufactured "in house".

Microtech Arc Detectors will provide a fault or fired output signal effecting a shut-down of the system prior to damage to your very expensive power source. Microtech has pioneered a method utilizing optics allowing arc detection in a straight waveguide unit when your system might not have space for a more traditional bend.

Typical Electrical/Mechanical Specifications

Size Frequency VSWR Max.Insertion Loss
Peak Power Handling
Flange Equiv.Material"A" Dimension
(Max. Inches)
"B" Dimension
(Max. Inches)
WR 22 33.00-50.00 GHz 1.15<0.1540KWUG383/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 28 26.50-40.00 GHz 1.15<0.1575KWUG599/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 34 22.00-33.00 GHz 1.15<0.15100KWUG1530/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 42 18.00-26.50 GHz 1.15<0.15150KWUG596/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 51 15.00-22.00 GHz 1.15<0.15200KWWR 51CU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 62 12.40-18.00 GHz 1.15<0.10250KWUG419/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 75 10.00-15.00 GHz 1.10<1.10325KWWR 75CU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 90 8.20-12.40 GHz 1.10<1.10350KWUG39/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 102 7.00-11.00 GHz 1.10<1.10400KWUG1493/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 112 7.05-10.00 GHz 1.10<1.10400KWUG51/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 137 5.85-8.20 GHz 1.10<1.10500KWUG344/UCU ALLOY2.002.00
WR 159 4.90-7.05 GHz 1.10<1.10500KWCPR159FCU ALLOY2.502.50
WR 187 3.95-5.85 GHz 1.10<1.10700KWUG1498A/UAL ALLOY3.003.00
WR 229 3.30-4.90 GHz 1.10<1.10800KWCPR229FAL ALLOY3.003.00
WR 284 2.60-3.95 GHz 1.05<1.051.0MWUG53AL ALLOY3.503.50
WR 340 2.20-3.30 GHz 1.05<1.051.2MWUG1713/UAL ALLOY3.503.50
WR 430 1.70-2.60 GHz 1.05<1.051.5MWUG1711/UAL ALLOY4.004.00
WR 650 1.12-1.70 GHz 1.05<1.052.0MWUG1714/UAL ALLOY6.006.00




-> These detectors are available in waveguide sizes ranging from WR650 to WR22. They are made available with numerous options.
-> They can be ordered with a led check circuit and also a TTL output with or without a latching circuit.
-> Many popular materials and flange configurations are also available.
-> Consult the factory with your specific design needs.
-> Adapters that conform to MIL-DTL-22641 are also available.

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